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Over the years of development we have establish 3 main cider styles for you to enjoy. Each is distinct in subtle ways, but all follow traditional dry cider traditions from the UK and Europe.

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Wine like complexity with a touch of Oak in English tradition.

Huntsman is the culmination of 3 years of experimentation and is based on the incredibly successful X3.


It is a completely unexpected cider, with a touch of Oak, which is more wine-like in its complexity.  The oak is a subtle, background attribute, but it adds mouthfeel and interest.


It is like a traditional English cider, which is dry, not sweet at all. Because of this, your palate does not tire with 3 or 4 drinks (one of the reasons dry wine is so popular). 


Wild fermentation, with unpredictable complexity.

“Wild” uses natural fermentation techniques to allow available naturally occurring yeasts to take over. We fine tune the process, but the result is quite different to the more common cultured yeast approach. It’s a risky business because we don’t really know what’s happening until it’s happened.

Complexity abounds and it is a lovely cider for any occasion, albeit sometimes unpredictable. The Wild yeasts do continue to change over time as they naturally die off when the sugars in the fruit are all used up. Our Cider makers favourite on Mondays and Wednesdays.


The tail end of 9 vats, with with Style and Approachability.

Vat of 9 Tails is made using the tail end of our 9 Vats. This is a complex yet vibrant addition to our styles. As all the Vat’s have different attributes, different yeasts and fermentation treatments, combining them all together is like a blended wine style. It’s smooths out the spikier characters from the individuals.

There is a tiny (and we mean tiny) amount of residual sugar present, yet it still classed as Dry. 

This cider seems to be approachable by many who find our other ciders a little too austere. It has a smoothing effect.

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