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Mixed Case

Mixed Case

SKU: MIXED5002022

This is our best seller and rightly so. This 6 pack of 500ml bottles offers a great sample of our award winning cider.


The mixed case will include at least one each of Huntsman 2020, 2019 & 2018 and Vat of Nine Tails 2018. 


Whilst all of our ciders follow a similar philosophy (add very little and ferment to dryness) they are subtly different. each year the fruit is a reflection of the season. Huntsman is the base result of that. Vat of 9 Tails is a cheeky cider makers trick of using the end bits of each vat 9all 9 of them) and settling this combined yeasty mix to rack off a small quantity of complex cider coming from different yeast bases and differing oak treatments. 


As a artisan cider, completely made by hand our vintages vary year by year. While Huntsman drinks consistently with a touch of Oak and a wine like complexity, each year has pleasant variations which makes each unique.  Vat of Nine Tails has a complex and vibrant blended wine style. 


The case will be filled out with a Cider makers choice and is stock dependent.

  • Awards

    Vat of 9 tails 2018

    • Bronze Red Hill Cider Awards 2021

    • Bronze Australian Cider Awards 2019

    • Silver Red Hill Cider Awards 2019

    Huntsman 2020

    • Gold Cider Australia Awards 2021
    • Bronze Red Hill Cider Awards 2022

    Huntsman 2019

    • Silver Red Hill Cider Awards 2022

    Huntsman 2018

    • Bronze Cider Australia Awards 2021

    • Silver Tasmanian Cider Awards 2020

    • Bronze Red Hill Cider Awards 2020

    • Bronze Cider Australia Awards 2019



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