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Come join us for Tasting with the Maker

Do you like apples? Do you love cyder? Then get yourself to our cyder makers Zoom tasting session.

Thursday 14th October via zoom - 6:30 pm. for just $65 you get: 1 hour meet the makers to taste 3 Incy Wincy Cyder vintages. Free delivery of:

  • 2017 Huntsman (500ml)

  • 2018 Huntsman (500ml)

  • 2019 Huntsman (500ml)


  • 2017 Wild (500ml)

  • 2 * 180ml spiegelau champagne glasses, perfect for IWC

Since 2014 IWC has been making cyder using traditional methods. In this meet the maker virtual event we bring you our 3 latest Huntsman vintages - 2017, 2018 and 2019. Pete and Mez will walk through the cyder making process and talk about the subtle, and not so subtle, differences between each vintage.

Included, especially for this event are 2 * 180ml champagne glasses, perfect for the tasting and a bonus “for later” bottle of 2017 Wild ferment cyder. It will be informative and fun as we reminisce about our past successes and failures. To ensure delivery in these strange times, order before Sunday 26th September. This is an open to all event, if you're interested in a private tasting drop us an email at

  • Event details The event will be held via zoom on Thursday 14th October at 6:30 pm. We'll send you the Zoom login details via email after the order is received. You can use the link at a single location with to 2-4 guests. For singles wanting to share the event across 2 locations, please email in advance and the Zoom host will do the rest. If you can't make this time but are interested in a tasting event drop us an email at - AU$65.00Price

Fun fact: Cider or cyder? Cyder is sometimes used as an alternative spelling to the usual “cider” and has the same meaning. In current usage, it's typically intended for emphasis when making more traditional cyders than most other ciders.


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