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Batlow Cider Fest 2022

If you love cider as much as we do... then check out the Batlow Cider Fest happening in May down south.

We sadly can't make it this year but it's definitely a great way to support the Australian Cider Craft Industry and have a great weekend in Batlow. And, you get cider! So start planning your trip to Batlow as it's magical this time of year.

Discover more on the Batlow CiderFest 2022 here.

"Cider Festival in the mountain air.

Sample some of the best boutique ciders from across the country (including those on our very own doorstep), local craft brews and cold climate wines. Among a blaze of autumn colours, get together with friends and family for a day of fabulous fun." CiderFest


Fun Fact: Our pink lady apples are grown by Wilgro Orchard which are also based in Batlow.

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