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Why try Incy Wincy Cyder?

A sensible question, which we hope we can answer for you.

Dry Cider is different

Most ciders on the market today are quite sweet. That’s fine but it’s not what we’re about. All of our ciders fit into the technical (show) categorisation of DRY, which is less than 8 mg of residual sugar per lite. Actually almost all of ours are less than 1 mg !.

A dry cider is very much like a wine or champagne (think Prosecco style). It’s a sophisticated drink which is very food friendly. Be aware that some sweet cider drinkers find these dry ciders too challenging for them. They really are different.

Pork, Chicken and Cheese (especially cheese) are great friends of our style, which makes it a perfect Aperitif (especially pure from our 750ml Champagne bottle versions).

We’re different

The Cider Australia Trust Mark on our label tells you we’re made from 100% Australian Grown and sourced apples (and pretty much nothing else !)

We do an enormous amount by hand right here on the property in Wollombi. A craft experience in the extreme

Actually apart from some clever German stuff we use to press the fruit (check the videos) the only mechanical tools are a forklift (foot pump operated !), and a bottle capper that uses air pressure. No wonder we’re always tired.

We’re smack bang in the wine districts of the Hunter Valley making cider. As we said, we’re different, and of course we have our fun slightly silly name. A childish name for a very Adult cider.


We have only been in operation properly since 2015, yet we’ve racked up a very serious tally of Silver and Bronze medals from 3 different cider shows, including 9 medals from the prestigious Cider Australia awards over 2 years (2018/2019).

Of course it’s not the medals per se that are important, but judged against our peers, many of whom are massive corporate operations and some just a lot bigger than us, we do ok. That’s a really nice validation of our approach.

We’ll continue entering the awards as we continue to to focus on improvements in everything we do to make great cider.

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