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Red Hill Cider Show Winners

Two entries, Two medals at the Red Hill Cider Awards

We were thrilled to achieve two medals at this year's Red Hill Cider Awards. Our Huntsman vintage was incredibly well-received, and we can't wait for our next round of cider competition.

Huntsman 2020 BRONZE

Huntsman 2019 SILVER

Wine-like complexity with a touch of Oak in English tradition.

Our Huntsman is the culmination of three years of experimentation and is based on the incredibly successful X3.

It is an entirely unexpected cider with a touch of Oak, which is more wine-like in its complexity. The Oak is a subtle background attribute, but it adds mouthfeel and interest.

Similar to a traditional English cider, which is dry, not sweet at all. Because of this, your palate does not tire with 3 or 4 drinks (one of the reasons dry wine is so popular).

Special thanks to The Red Hill Cider Show for these awards and to all the other wonderful Australian cidermakers. Let's crack open a cider and enjoy the moment!


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