2 * 500ml Huntsman 2019 (incl delivery)

2 * 500ml Huntsman 2019 (incl delivery)

This is a great starter pack or gift for friends. For a limited time a 2 pack of our signature Huntsman 2019.



Wine like complexity with a touch of Oak in English tradition.


Huntsman is the culmination of 3 years of experimentation and is based on the incredibly successful X3.


It is a completely unexpected cider, with a touch of Oak, which is more wine-like in its complexity.  The oak is a subtle, background attribute, but it adds mouthfeel and interest.


It is like a traditional English cider, which is dry, not sweet at all. Because of this, your palate does not tire with 3 or 4 drinks (one of the reasons dry wine is so popular). 

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